The Rebirth of Poetry


I believe in poetry.

I believe in Love.

I’ve been out beyond the veil,

where the mathematics of space-time give way

to the resplendent reality

of the Golden Eternity…

So forgive me if I don’t go out and vote.

I have no faith in politics,

and the sociopaths who’ve been seduced

by the siren song of power.

I prefer to stay home and tend my garden,

surround myself with good friends and good music,

and take refuge in deep conversation;

in drums and bonfires

and dusty old books.

I believe in art and in ideals;

I believe in the soul.

I believe in the inexorable march of progress and evolution,

and I believe in the coming of a new renaissance,

led by you and me,

a rebirth of poetry and mysticism

that will redeem the human Spirit

as inherently holy and good.

I believe in Truth and Beauty,

and I have faith in the heart-connected community

that we are forming,

and the just and compassionate new world

we are creating together.

I believe… I believe.




I have felt the most ordinary moment

Suddenly swell and expand

With cosmic significance;

I sense that somehow

The whole balance of Fate

Can be swayed by

A casual choice…

I have seen a common man

Take on a halo of golden Light,

And with a single selfless act

Shake the Earth to its foundation!

Sometimes destiny comes to us

Disguised as routine;

Often we’re too busy to notice.

Every day,

In countless different ways

That seem so small and insignificant,

Life offers us the same old choice:

Fear or Love?

And in that moment of Truth

The gears of time grind to a halt,

And all the heavens watch

With bated breath;

As though the Gods themselves

Are somehow counting on us

For redemption…

~ Ben