Tending the Fire

tending the heart fire

I keep forgetting to do

The little things each day,

to show my wife and son I love them,

to dance and sing and play.

I keep forgetting to take the time

to seek the silence,

still the mind.

I keep forgetting who lives inside

of every creature, plant and stone.

I keep forgetting who I am

and who I’m with,

even when I’m alone.

I keep forgetting my life comes down

to just this moment, here and now,

and how I choose to spend it.

Remembering is a sacred fire

and I keep forgetting

to tend it.



Eternity is a Matter of Depth


Eternity doesn’t really mean infinite duration.

(Honestly, just think how boring that would be…)

Eternity means infinite depth.

A second can be divided into a thousand milliseconds. Each millisecond can in turn be divided a thousand times, and so on forever. On the quantum level of reality, these tiny fractions of a moment are bursting with activity—countless swirling microcosms are created and destroyed in the blink of an eye.

And just as the experience of a second varies based on your perspective, so too the lifespan of a star or a galaxy. The birth and death of a universe could be seen as an ephemeral phenomenon.

It’s all relative.

As a minute ticks by in clock time, we can experience it in a variety of ways. If we are anxious and bored, that one minute can seem quite lengthy. If we are actively engaged, it can pass in a flash. It all depends on us, and how we are relating to the world in that moment.

Think of the may fly, which hatches, matures and dies in a matter of days. How must this amazing creature experience a minute? An hour?

What most of us feel on a daily basis as the need for more time, is really the need for a deeper relationship with the present moment.

We don’t need 36 hours in a day, we need to fully inhabit the hours we have. We need to open up our senses, open up our minds; to appreciate the endless layers of texture and detail present in everything around us; to be more aware of the forces at work within us.

We don’t have to live forever to have eternal life.

Eternity is within this very minute, in between the ticking seconds. Savor the boring and ordinary moments; watch them come alive and unfurl their hidden wonders.

Breathe in… be nourished by the breath of the infinite.

Breathe out… relax, release, let go.

Sink deeper into the rhythmic ebb and flow of Nature. Feel the pulse of the cosmos throbbing in your veins, the life and activity of your cells. Roam the shifting landscape of your thoughts, your emotions, your imagination… worlds within worlds. Let it all wash over you. Drink it all in.

Drown in it.

With Eyes Closed

With eyes closed,

The sun is but a soft glow,

A ghostly warmth upon my skin.

The wind is a cool caress

In which the locks of my hair are dancing,

Tickling my nose and cheeks.

With eyes closed,

All form is dissolved…

There are sounds, but without source;

Images drifting, disconnected;

Thought-flowers blooming

From the emptiness of mind,

And dissolving back again…

My breath is the most tangible thing.

With eyes closed,

There is no time, no place,

No-thing, no-where,


Just playful stillness,

A quiet joy, patiently waiting –

Waiting for the next surging need

To pull me back

Into busy-ness.

~ Ben


Wonder of all wonders is the Self, the world within

The hidden mysteries of one’s own being

That to the patient observer will reveal themselves

with endless depth and subtlety

I am in awe of my own body, the intelligence

the intricate coordination

Amazed by the slightest movement and sensation-

the ebb and flow of breath

the pulse and throb of life, the heat of my blood

Nerves firing, muscles quivering

glands secreting, chemicals dancing

Amazed at the vastness of my own mind-

the stream of thought endlessly flowing

emotions, moods, perceptions shifting

I encompass all extremes, the whole spectrum of human experience

From the blissful heights of mystic ecstasy

to the deepest bowels of madness, greed and fear

Within each of us is every season

In every moment, all and nothing

birth and death in every breath

In all the oceans of the world,

Is there an abyss deeper and darker than our own subconscious?

Are the heavens any more boundless than the human imagination?

Close your eyes-

Witness the infinite expanse within you

Mind, body and soul inseparable

One with this moment

Constantly emerging from

and dissolving back into

All That Is

Do you know how what a precious gift it is to be a human being,

alive and breathing?

Stand in awe of the miracle, the microcosm that you are!

A god being, the universe incarnate

The Word made flesh-

Beautiful and



~ Ben


Take a deep breath

and dive.

You’ve been wading in the shallow waters

Come see what lies below.


Take a deep breath

and dive.

Dive down, and feel the ebb and flow.


There is nothing else you need to do

There’s nowhere else to go.

Just relax, and let things run their course.


Dive down

Deep into yourself.

Dive down

Until you find the Source.


You’ve lived long enough upon the surface

Where everything is change.

Dive down, into serenity.


Dive down

Deep into this moment

Dive down

And find eternity.

Finding Center, Finding Balance

Greetings friends – it has been quite some time since my last post! You know how it is when life is so full it’s overflowing, and you can barely find time to do what must be done? Well blogging is one of those things that tends to get put on the back burner, at such moments.

 There have been many new developments! There have been some legal issues, some family drama, a broken-down pick-up and an embarrassingly bad sunburn. There has been a lot of meetings to attend and emails to send, SEE classes and church functions, etc. And last, but certainly not least, a deep friendship has blossomed into a hot new romance…

 Now I am very grateful to have a life so rich and full, but it can be difficult to juggle so many things at once – to be a father, a son, a friend and a lover, a poet and a writer, a mechanic, a counselor and so much more. There have been times the last few months that I have felt totally overwhelmed.

 I have become keenly aware of my tendency to take on too much – to try and be everything to everyone, and do everything for everyone, and in so doing to lose sight of my needs and my intentions (sound familiar?). In recent weeks I have taken a few steps back, devoted much time to contemplation, to the Silence. Finding center, finding balance, tuning into Source – the clarity and the wisdom that I needed was instantly available.

 So whenever you have one of those moments, know that you are not alone. I believe we all have a way of getting caught up in life, in routine and responsibility – we all have a tendency to lose touch with our true nature. Life is a perpetual dance, a constant process of learning and balancing.

 Don’t overlook the need for stillness, for solitude and prayer. Don’t be afraid to miss a meeting, to cancel an engagement, to take a step back. ‘Go ye apart for awhile’ – spend some time in the Silence and reconnect with the wisdom within you. Let Spirit guide you, and set your priorities. Relax, release – find your center, find your balance, and all that needs doing shall be done.

 Thanks for reading. Love and blessings,

 ~ Ben