I’ve heard the stream

and the old stones whispering

beneath the cedars.

I swear the hills are breathing.


On a still winter night,

the darkness is filled

with a quiet, electric hum…

the language of the stars.

Who can transcribe this conversation

between the earth and sky?

Who can say what wordless exchange

takes place among the trees?

Who can understand what passes silently

from the wild, beating heart of the world,

into my pensive soul?


© 2015 Ben Neal


Listen, God is Speaking

How does Spirit speak to us?

Through every open channel!


The Guru hides inside every person

Who crosses your path…


Listen to what he has to say.


Do not listen only with your ears,

But with your eyes, and your heart

Listen with every pore of your skin,

And with the very marrow of your bones.


Real listening requires your whole mind,

Your whole being.


Can you see in every man, woman and child

The soul, the mirror,

Your own holy self?


Can you see in every bird, and every tree,

And every breathing thing,

The Living God?


Every person deserves your love and attention.

They just want you to listen,

They just want you to care.


When they speak, God is speaking.


Listen to what He has to say.


~ Ben