The Rebirth of Poetry


I believe in poetry.

I believe in Love.

I’ve been out beyond the veil,

where the mathematics of space-time give way

to the resplendent reality

of the Golden Eternity…

So forgive me if I don’t go out and vote.

I have no faith in politics,

and the sociopaths who’ve been seduced

by the siren song of power.

I prefer to stay home and tend my garden,

surround myself with good friends and good music,

and take refuge in deep conversation;

in drums and bonfires

and dusty old books.

I believe in art and in ideals;

I believe in the soul.

I believe in the inexorable march of progress and evolution,

and I believe in the coming of a new renaissance,

led by you and me,

a rebirth of poetry and mysticism

that will redeem the human Spirit

as inherently holy and good.

I believe in Truth and Beauty,

and I have faith in the heart-connected community

that we are forming,

and the just and compassionate new world

we are creating together.

I believe… I believe.


They Call it Poetry

blood ink

They call it poetry,

this tracing the shape of old wounds

with a pen.

When the voice cracks,

the tears start to flow

and the soul comes pouring out.

Everyone feels that hurt like it’s their own.

Because it is.

They call it poetry,

when your brain is on fire with an idea;

when it must be written,

when you have no choice.

When writing it makes you feel more alive

than ever before.

When reading it makes you feel

“Oh yes! This is it. This is it!

I’m not alone.”

They call it poetry,

when a human voice becomes a vessel,

swift and strong,

to carry you across some stormy sea;

when a verse becomes a hand

held out to all mankind, beckoning;

Come, this way. Follow me,

I have something to show you.

They call it poetry,

when the syllables are woven together

with a rhythm and cadence

that turns speech into music;

a lyrical symphony that ebbs and flows

and swells into ecstatic crescendos

and you are entranced, transported,

swept away…

They call it poetry,

when words can cut through the fabric

of time and space

and carve out a quiet place

in the center of the universe

where we can sit together

with the dreamers and mystics from every generation

and pass around the sacred wine.

They call it poetry,

these wildflowers that bloom upon the tongue.

This bountiful garden in the heart,

where grief and sorrow, hope and love,

tears and laughter, tenderness and courage

are all blossoming and bearing fruit.

Come with me, my friends.

Come inside.

I have something incredible to show you…

~ Ben


mandelbrot fractal

This is an ode

To the same old thing

Happening over and over again…

The same old story

The star-crossed lovers

The tragic heroes great and small

The thieves and villains one and all

To night and day, ebb and flow

The road, and all who come and go

To life and its infinite manifestations

The code and its infinite variations

To the spiraling fractal dance of creation

Perfecting itself through repetition

To every unique and beautiful rendition

Of the same old pattern and theme

All praise to the same

Holy and wonderful thing

Happening over and over and over again –

With endless nuance!

~ Ben

You Make a Difference

In the short time that has passed since I began to sincerely devote myself to this blog, and involve myself in the WordPress community, I have connected with so many amazing people. When I began to publish my poems and my thoughts, I did so from a need to write, to create, to express myself. I had no idea what would come of it.

I never expected that so many would find and read my words, much less relate. I never expected to find so many people who share my thoughts, who feel like I feel. I never expected to discover so many talented and creative writers, poets, artists and philosophers out there with whom I resonate so deeply. I have been pleasantly surprised on all fronts!

I am in perpetual awe at how many people all around the world are waking up and speaking out. My life has been filled with unexpected encounters and unlikely friendships with others who walk the spiritual path. And here in cyberspace I continue to connect with enlightened souls who are exploring the spiritual dimensions of life, discovering the infinite potential of human consciousness, and sharing their wisdom, compassion and creativity with the world.

Check out my blogroll (which just keeps growing!) and see what I mean. These links will connect you with some of the most beautiful minds I have ever had the pleasure to know. The writings, photos, insights and information that they share inspires me and feeds my soul each day.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that nearly every one of these blogs has been started recently. Just within the last several months, so many awakening (and awakened) people have been inspired to reach out to the world, in this digital space where we are all interconnected.

Coincidence? I think not.

It is further evidence pointing to the mass awakening which is spreading like wildfire around the globe. People are turning within, discovering their unique voice, their creativity – their divinity. And now that turning within is coming full circle, and people are no longer content to just seek their own inner peace and joy. Increasingly we are feeling an urge to reach out to each other – to connect, to heal, to teach and inspire; to love and learn and grow together; to bring peace, joy and beauty to the world at large.

Blogging is in many ways the new frontier of communication. No censorship, no corporate sponsors – nothing to keep us separate from one another. We can use this medium to serve a holy purpose – to build a new network and create a new way of sharing information and inspiration. We have already begun – but this is just the beginning. Who knows where it could go from here?

We are here. We are awake. We will be heard. We are One, and the time has come to make that mystical, transcendent Oneness a living reality on this planet.

I extend to each of you my deepest love and appreciation, for who you are and all that you do. If you are reading this – thank you! I love you! You are amazing and beautiful! Yes, I mean you!

Each one of us has a song to sing, and a gift to bring into this world. Each one us has a part to play in the healing and Awakening of Mother Earth. Every heart matters. Every soul is limitless fountain of love, wisdom and creativity.

Look within, find your voice – and sing! Sing out so all the world can hear you! You make a difference!

~ Ben

To Be a Poet

To be a poet is often a thankless job.
I sit at the feet of the Muse for hours
Playing with words like a child with his favorite toy
And my inspirations fill the pages of countless notebooks
which only sit and gather dust.

And were it all to be revealed
Laid out for all the world to see
It would make no difference.
For all my wit and eloquence is insufficient
To express what I truly long to convey
that which words can never say.

To be a poet is often a thankless job
It does not feed my family
It provides no clothing or shelter.
I devote myself to the craft
but it does not keep out the cold.

I pour out the contents of my heart
My deepest revelations and confessions
I sing the song of my Soul
With all the passion I can summon
to nothing and no one, to Silence.

This morning, outside my door
I saw two little birds, pursuing each other in playful circles
Singing to each other merry springtime songs.
And though their beauty is a small and fleeting thing
in this vastness in which we exist
Although the sky swallowed their songs in silence
Still they fluttered and chirped unconcerned
Each the other’s audience
Content within themselves.

Yes, to be a poet is often a thankless job
But it is a job I’m proud to call my own.
I will write these verses, sad and sweet
I will speak my truth, and sing my songs –
for you, my friend, for you.
For you have heard, if no one else
With you I am content.

Art and Awakening

The artist has always been one of the most respected and revered members of society – and one of the least understood. Art by it’s very nature seems to defy logic, to elude the grasp of analysis and rational understanding. A great artist works for no reason or purpose other than the joy and beauty of creation.This is one of the profound lessons of art – it teaches us to appreciate joy and beauty for it’s own sake. It helps us to transcend the narrow confines of reason and logic, to get in touch with our intuition. It teaches us to be spontaneous, to trust our inspiration, our own inner genius. All we have to work with as artists is ourselves, our inner resources. So we must look within, we must trust ourselves.Something mystical happens in this creative process: as we turn within, reaching into the depths of the Soul, and touch upon that which feels to us most intensely unique and personal, we draw upon the One Source, which all recognize and know intimately. So great art is both original and familiar, both personal and universal.It is this mystical aspect of art that makes it such a powerful part of our spiritual awakening. The self-reflection and self-expression that is a necessary part of the creative process helps us come to know ourselves at the deepest level. As we learn to accept ourselves, and trust ourselves, we learn to surrender – to open up and allow what is within to come forth. And the more sincere and honest we are, the more completely we surrender, the more the Soul of the artist can express itself through the work of art, and whisper directly to the Soul of the beholder.

In this creative sharing we experience our Oneness. Through the medium of art we let down our defenses, let go of our differences, and we open our hearts and minds to Spirit. For this reason art is perhaps the most holistic form of communication known to man. A poem, a painting, or a song can say so much more than mere words – calling forth emotions, insights, true revelations. Art bypasses the limitations of language and creates a sacred space where we can commune together, and share a direct experience of Life, Truth, and Beauty.

So at this unique moment in human history, when the entire planet is poised on the brink of a new age, a new phase of evolution, art has precious and powerful gifts to offer our society and our world. Through the sacred medium of art we grow as artists and individuals, we give birth to our deeper, divine potential. And we cut across differences in belief and culture to come together in Spirit, in Joy.

So let us dance and play together! Let us sing and tell stories together! Let us listen and share with each other our creativity, our truth, our joy! Let us heal ourselves, each other, and our planet, with our music, our love, and our laughter. Let us each find and share our special part of the ongoing divine revelation!

It is in this spirit that this blog was started – to share my deepest thoughts and insights, as honestly and sincerely as I am able. I trust that which is true and meaningful to me, might be uplifting and inspiring to you as well, dear reader. This is the voice of Spirit in me – this is the sacred art of language.

Thanks for reading. Peace and love!

~ Ben