Paul Goldman: Paul is a fellow ecstatic poet, in the tradition of Rumi and other greats. Check out the website for samples of Paul’s poetry and writing, and for Reiki workshops and other community activities:

Tony Plocido: Tony is a poet, photographer and friend who hails from Minnesota. Check out his website for poetry, prose, live performances, and more:

Victor James Dougherty: Victor is a KC area singer and songwriter. You’ll catch him performing at art shows, churches, open mics and kirtans all over town. His songs are incredible, his live performances even more so. Check out his site for music, CDs, live shows, etc:

Jenny Hahn: Jenny is a visual artist from KC, a painter and graphic designer and one of the founders of Creative Nectar studio. She is also one of the bravest women I’ve ever known. Check out her websites for breath-taking artwork and creative workshops:

Samadhi Yaisha: Samadhi is a writer and a journalist from Puerto Rico, whose spiritual path has brought her all the way to Kansas City. On her website she shares her poetry, her stories and her insights, in both English and Spanish:

The Green Spirit Band: Linda Chubbuck, Stan Slaughter and Judy Best are the Green Spirit Band – guitar, piano, beautiful vocal harmonies, and fabulous songwriting. The band performs at church services and Eco-Events, and are great advocates of organic gardening and green living. Check out their website:



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