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Poets and philosophers have always been on the leading edge of human thought. They push the frontiers of civilization, expanding our imagination and understanding, opening up new possibilitiies. They change the world with words, with ideas.

With the skillful use of language they create a sacred space, a timeless place where the writer and the reader are able to share a feeling, an ideal, a Truth that is universal and innate in the human soul.

Now technology is changing the way we communicate. No more censorship, no more editors and publishers. No middle-man. We can share our insights and experiences across national boundaries, across oceans and mountain ranges. We can connect with one another directly and have more open, raw and powerful interaction than has ever been possible before.

This blog is the canvas for my poetry, my experiences, my contemplations on the infinite. I am seeking in my own way to explore the frontier of human consciousness, and push the boundaries ever further. I am sharing with those of you kindred spirits who are crazy enough to come along for the ride…

I hope that what you find here speaks to you, stirs your soul, and fans the flame of inspiration that you carry in you.

Yours in Light and Love,

~ Ben


4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi Ben,

    I like your blog. I also draw inspiration sometimes from conversations I overhear. I am actually writing a story about said conversation for my blog. Come check it out.

    Namaste, Linda

    • Thank you Linda – I’m glad to connect with you.

      Forgive me please, for the delayed response. I’ve been away from the blog for several weeks. I look forward to visiting your blog and sampling some of your writings!


      ~ Ben

      • Glad you are back, best wishes for your all your future endeavors. I would welcome feedback on my blog. As a new blogger, comments from seasoned folks can make a great impact.

        Namaste, Linda

  2. Working desperately on feeling worthy enough to actually put my effort & time into doing the things i want. One of which is writing. Most difficult but getting there. Idky i felt the need to share.

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