The Rebirth of Poetry


I believe in poetry.

I believe in Love.

I’ve been out beyond the veil,

where the mathematics of space-time give way

to the resplendent reality

of the Golden Eternity…

So forgive me if I don’t go out and vote.

I have no faith in politics,

and the sociopaths who’ve been seduced

by the siren song of power.

I prefer to stay home and tend my garden,

surround myself with good friends and good music,

and take refuge in deep conversation;

in drums and bonfires

and dusty old books.

I believe in art and in ideals;

I believe in the soul.

I believe in the inexorable march of progress and evolution,

and I believe in the coming of a new renaissance,

led by you and me,

a rebirth of poetry and mysticism

that will redeem the human Spirit

as inherently holy and good.

I believe in Truth and Beauty,

and I have faith in the heart-connected community

that we are forming,

and the just and compassionate new world

we are creating together.

I believe… I believe.


6 thoughts on “The Rebirth of Poetry

  1. I believe in poetry, love, sharing, nature but this might be self-absorbtion and cruelty to engage it in sole when in a time the holocaust, when people we love need our direct help now in other ways. That is also love in the biggest selfless way when we are needed to stop those madmen in power who destroy life and beauty. Maybe when my family were in the death camps, you felt little concern while you traps through the flowers an pretty words. We do not want things this way, but love requires us to reach out to help and not insulate because it is beneath you. That is not art.

  2. I hope you learn the sacred art of language and not presume you expose it. Two close friends were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan due to Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld who were voted to power while you played like a spoiled child believeing you have something special and sacred. Apologize to the civilians, men, women and children who died while you played with words thinking you were special and sacred. Life, love and caring trump your arrogant foolishness. Neither you nor your words are sacred as you self-define them and yourself. Foolish little boy without the capacity to understand and really love and protect.

    Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 23:52:05 +0000 To:

    • Do you really think those crooks were voted into power, Marty? Or that the war wouldn’t have happened, those people wouldn’t have died if Democrats were in office? Educate yourself, man. This bi-partisan puppet show is not democracy. Billionaires select the candidates that best suit their corporate interests, and then pay their way to victory. Just because I don’t cast a vote every couple years, doesn’t mean I don’t care about the suffering in the world. I wake up everyday and commit myself anew to cultivating compassion and creating peace, within me and around me. I don’t participate in the charade because I am working along with others to envision and create a new paradigm, one that honors all people as sacred. Not just me, Marty. I’m not special. I’m no more sacred than you are my friend. I hope you know it.

      Peace to you. Peace.

  3. Words polarize… that is the nature of words. It’s time to speak from the heart, and act upon our convictions for the betterment of all. Clearly change is in order, but we must start with ourselves. It is futile to put each other down, only playing into the hands of our oppressors. *Peace*

  4. Peace to you. Our civic responsibilities include helping other people, working for the common good, working for justice, cleaning up, recycling, saving energy, planting a tree maybe. So maybe you’re not such a bad guy for not voting.

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