Welcoming the Spirits



Be still, and listen.

Not just to my voice,

Not just to these words…

Listen to the myriad voices of this moment,

To the many subtle sounds and movements.

The space around us is seething

With energy and vibration…

Can you feel it?

The very air we breathe is teeming with life!

Who can fathom the tapestry of the multiverse,

The layers upon layers?

Who can know the infinite ways

The One Creator moves and breathes?

Who can say what unseen forces

Are gathered here among us?

So hush… be still, and listen.

Do you hear the music of the spheres?

Can you hear the angels singing?

Mother Earth is waking up

And the whole Cosmos is rejoicing,

Like birds announce the rising sun!

Welcome, Spirits!

If you come in peace, if you come in Love,

We are One.

Welcome home.

~ Ben


10 thoughts on “Welcoming the Spirits

  1. This is a beautiful poem. The ideas here resonate with me a great deal. I have been pondering the multiverse for a good couple of weeks now as I attempt (in vain) to teach myself quantum theory. You present here an interconnectedness between everything that is very real, in my opinion, and it is one that is much deeper than just saying “We are one with the universe.” I believe that we are indeed “one with the universe,” but I possess no beliefs that aren’t backed up by lengthy and arduous contemplation. We are one with the universe because of biology, chemistry, evolution, astronomy, history, and a dash of common sense. I am glad that you have touched on this more profound ‘oneness’ here, and that you have done so in a poem. I am not a poet, but I do write an awful lot of poetry, and so appreciate the form as a means of conveying just about anything.

    • Thank you, friend. I appreciate your inquiring mind!

      I too have explored the basic principles of quantum physics (and I confess that they are largely beyond me). I find it most intriguing though… wave/particle duality, fields of probability, the effect of the observer upon said fields… fascinating stuff. From my perspective, it is scientific confirmation of what the mystic experiences directly – that mind and matter are inseparable, that consciousness is woven into the very fabric of reality. The universe itself is alive, conscious, intelligent and interactive.

      Our oneness with the universe can certainly be studied scientifically, and in doing so there are many fertile discoveries awaiting us, no doubt. But outside the laboratory, it is possible for everyone to explore their own consciousness, trace it to it’s source, to see and experience the connection first-hand! This allows us to live life on more intimate terms with Nature and with the cosmos…

      Therein lies the great adventure for the modern day frontiersman!

      Peace ~ Ben

      • You sound like a very intelligent, opinionated person. I constantly hear people speaking about ‘oneness’ on such shallow terms. I usually just disagree. I view it mainly as a physical reality, from a scientific lens. I have always been open to the idea of that becoming something spiritual, but the shallow commentary most engage in regarding this spiritual connection has turned me off. You, however, have broken my stubborn walls, and I am definitely going to explore these ideas further. Thank you for speaking from an informed place. The world needs more people that do.

      • The spiritual mysteries are difficult to approach scientifically, or rationally – by their very nature they are ineffable. They cannot be described objectively, like the physical or material world. In speaking of the transcendental experience – that which is beyond the senses, beyond the physical, beyond even the realm of thought that is culturally excepted and acknowledged – one is frustrated by language and forced to resort to metaphors and symbols… but there some who have spoken on the subject quite eloquently.

        Carl Jung, William James, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Alan Watts – these are some of the more lucid thinkers to have written about , and profound influences on me personally. Some contemporary teachers such as Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle are definitely worth investigating, too.

        Happy exploring, my friend!

      • I studied Jung pretty extensively in my younger days. I found much to ponder, much to contend with there –but I shall revisit him. As for the others, I am only closely familiar with Emerson –who I adore. The final two are new to me! I will see what I find.


  2. Baba Ben! Your words trickle through this ether like a finely woven snake (the one that carries truth). I fear you may be on to something here brother. Shine on. Namaste and Joy, lee

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