Hello again, dear friends. It has been another long break for me from the world of WordPress. I hope that the time has been kind to you, that you all are happy and well and that your writing is flowing freer than ever, on fire with Spirit, Truth and Love.

The winds of change are blowing within and all around me these days…

I have moved in to a new place, with my beloved; so she and I are going through the somewhat chaotic process of cleaning and fixing up our lovely old house and unpacking, organizing and combining our belongings (and our lives).

I am preparing for full-time fatherhood, as the American judicial machine is processing my custody case in its slow and painstaking way. I am doing everything in my power to get my son out of some unstable circumstances and provide him with a peaceful and loving home.

I have been intensely focused on music for some time now; studying, practicing, playing, exploring, learning and growing… Music has been my therapy, my meditation, my joy and inspiration, my friend and counselor. But I feel myself emerging from one phase and entering another, and part of that shift involves placing my primary focus once more on my writing.

I have an opportunity to write for an exciting new online magazine, set to launch next month (more details to come). Embracing this opportunity has guided my studies, my contemplations and my writings in a very specific direction, a field rich with possibilities for personal and collective transformation. There are profound shifts happening within me as I ride this wave and allow it all to unfold.

I am frequently reminded of these words of wisdom from Thoreau: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

While I am devoting more time and energy to writing, but I’m not sure how much of that material will make it to this blog. I will continue to share my poetry here on ‘The Sacred Art of Language,’ and I have a few new pieces from recent weeks to share with you. I hope that you receive them in the Spirit with which they were written.

And I will keep you posted as things unfold, and let you know where you can find my newer writings – I hope that you will follow me on that journey.

Much Love to One & All!

~ Ben


6 thoughts on “Update

    • Hey Dave!

      Yes, guitar is my latest passion. I’ve been a drummer for years, but I am branching out, learning guitar. I play a Dean steel string acoustic, and I’m not much more than a beginner really. I’ve been focusing mostly on chords and rhythm playing, as well as different fingerpicking patterns – but I’m along way from being a lead guitarist…

      • I love classical guitar – they have such a different sound, form and feel. I have one myself; it sure ain’t no Martin, but it belonged to great-grandfather. It is need of restoration… a new nut and a little TLC. But I’ll have her singing again one of these days 🙂

        I look forward to hearing your track! Peace my friend.

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