How long will we live confined

By imaginary lines

Designed to divide us?

A mental prison programmed inside us

By the culture, the TV

The school, the church

We’ve forgotten our oneness

With Mother Earth

Gaia, Shakti

Kali Ma!

The Spirit livin

Within us all…

We need to look within and re-design

The software of the subconscious mind

And consciously redefine

What is sane and what is real

Strip away the lies and reveal

Our true history and ancestry

Our identity, our sovereignty

Forget the guilt, fear and shame

And remember who we are

And why we came

So we can re-claim what’s rightfully ours

Our rights, our land

Our freedom and power!

We need a revolution

In our state of mind

To activate and realize

The full potential of humankind

The sacred code that we hold inside

Kundalini, awake! arise!

Do your spiral dance and climb

Up the spine through the seven shrines

And re-align us with the

Source Divine!

Call it Allah, JHVH

Or simply


The Word, the essence

The primal hum…

The pulse, the rhythm

The tribal drum

The heartbeat, the breath

The vibration that unites us

All as One

One people, one tribe

One Love!

We’re tuning in to the 5th dimension

You can call it the rapture

Call it ascension

This is bigger than the Constitution

It’s the dissolution of mass delusion

It’s the next leap in evolution

Now is the time

We are the ones

The revolution has begun!

Can’t stop an idea whose time has come

Can’t stop an idea whose time has come

~ Ben


9 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Wonderful expression of a wonderful sentiment. But, as John Henry told the captain, “a man ain’t nothin’ but a man”. You do the best you can, play your best game. Which you are doing.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I’ve been away from the blog for several weeks. I look forward to paying a visit to your site very soon.

      Peace ~ Ben

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