Something Real

streets of chicago

This is to you, America.

To my friends and countrymen,

You who live and work alongside me,

Who walk the same streets

Through the same four seasons.

To you, tending the bar

Or the cash register;

You who drive the trucks and stock the shelves,

Or scrub the floors and bathroom stalls.

To you with whom I share so many fleeting moments

And casual conversations.

To you my poem, my plea…

What do you see when you look at me?

A hippie, a liberal, a loser, a fag?

Can you see past my age, my hair, my clothes,

The color of my skin?

Can you see that there is a soul in here,

The same as you?

I too have flesh that feels, that hurts and bleeds;

A heart that loves, and longs to be loved;

A head full of hopes and dreams…

I can relate to you,

With where you’ve been and what you’ve been through.

Why don’t you take a chance today,

And open up a little bit?

Tell me something real.

Enough about the weather.

I don’t care about last night’s game.

And for God’s sake

I don’t give a damn who won American Idol!

Tell me something real!

Tell me about your family, your children.

Tell me about your dreams, your passions.

I want to see your eyes light up!

What makes you smile?

What makes your heart ache?

What do you love? What do you fear?

What do you think about when you’re all alone?

America, please…

I’m desperate.

I’m sick of the shallow and the superficial.

I can’t stand anymore fake, scripted encounters.

I’m asking you to forget what’s ‘normal’,

What’s safe, what’s expected,

And open up!

Please – just once – forget about your schedule,

Where you’re going and what’s next,

Long enough to be here, now.

I’m begging you to pause for just one second,

Put down your fuckin’ iPhone,

And look at me.

Look around you!

Feel this moment, this connectedness,

This space we share.

For God’s sake feel something!

America, please…

I’m begging you…

Show me your soul, if you have one.

Open up and feel…

Show me something real.

~ Ben


18 thoughts on “Something Real

    • Yes, we can meditate, go within and come to know the beyond for ourselves. But how do we help others to see?

      When we interast with each other, we can look past the surface, and refuse to engage in the superficial. We can acknowledge the Divine in those we meet. And with our eyes, with our words, with our knowing and our presence, we can call out what is real and true and beautiful…

      At last that is the possibility I am exploring, the path I am intending to walk 🙂

  1. I want to see this someday, when people will open up and be real.
    Your every word strikes through the depravities of this era.
    Someday. Yes, someday, Ben. 🙂

    • Someday soon, brother! The Awakening is upon us! No one will long be content to splash around in the shallows when they see so many diving into the depths of Love, the ocean of endless mystery…

  2. Your words are very touching. Replacing America with Europe would not make a difference here. It is only though people like you and many others, that serve as an example of integrity, that many others can find hope. And yes, it is possible if we are the change that we want to have. 🙂 Thanks for these beautiful words.

    • Thank you JC. I’m sure this is a sentiment that people around the world can relate to, whoever is exploring the deeper dimensions of Being… And I know that number is growing everyday. Eventually, we all ‘meet in the middle,’ so to speak 🙂

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