mandelbrot fractal

This is an ode

To the same old thing

Happening over and over again…

The same old story

The star-crossed lovers

The tragic heroes great and small

The thieves and villains one and all

To night and day, ebb and flow

The road, and all who come and go

To life and its infinite manifestations

The code and its infinite variations

To the spiraling fractal dance of creation

Perfecting itself through repetition

To every unique and beautiful rendition

Of the same old pattern and theme

All praise to the same

Holy and wonderful thing

Happening over and over and over again –

With endless nuance!

~ Ben


7 thoughts on “Nuance

  1. And yet, through reading your beautiful poem, I can understand that it is not about the wheel of Life, but my own way of receiving things one year after another. This Holiday Season is better than the last one, not because it really is, but because of where I am. So it has been a lesson of awareness of how much it depends of my inner state, rather than on what happens outside, which is the same. Thanks for the lesson and blessings!

    • Indeed! In the cycles of manifest reality, we are the agents of change! Our inner state gives a “vertical dimension” to life, as we raise our awareness we make the great circle into a great spiral that climbs upward to infinity…

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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