I am the Light eternally shining

And I am the shadow that it casts


I am the boundless Joy abiding

And I am the relentless, gnawing doubt


Where is there a need for resistance?

What is there to resist?


Wherever there is struggle I am on both sides!

I am the victim and the perpetrator

The hunter and the hunted


I am the angel and the demon

And the will to choose between them


I am both lover and beloved

And I am their dance, their passion

Their embrace


I am pain and pleasure

Heat and friction

Flesh and spirit

Melting, merging into one


In a messy, screaming, gushing

Orgasmic oblivion


~ Ben


11 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. Cutting away the strings of duality, you are a true spirit made as one, Ben. Everything and nothing. So simply stated, but irreversibly true…

    • Wow, Liana… thank you so much. For reading and for saying that. I will keep writing as long as words keep arranging themselves in this head of mine – it’s my passion and my path. To know that others feel what I write, and are moved by it, means more to me than words can say.

      Bless you ❤

      ~ Ben

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