It just so happens that today is election day here in the US of A – that is enough to inspire me to share a few words…

Millions of people are turning out to the polls today, to participate in democracy, to let their voices be heard. So many people are passionate about the right to vote, and believe that their vote makes a difference for the nation and the world.

Not me.

I have a different notion of how to make a difference in this world. You see I believe that it doesn’t matter who is president. Banks own the government. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR.

The issues that dominate the headlines – abortion, women’s rights, health care, taxes, etc. – are hand crafted to divide us. But behind the scenes there is an agenda that is steadily being carried out, no matter who is in office. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been effectively nullified. The American military has become an international terrorist force, wreaking havoc around the globe. Corporations are gaining ownership of our land, resources, technology, ideas and information, even patenting DNA and genetic code!

Wake up people!

We can no longer afford to believe that Obama or anyone else will save or protect us. We can no longer afford to pretend that America is the land of the free. We cannot allow the charade to go on any longer. I do not wish to be a voice of doom and gloom, but I do believe that we all must realize that we have been duped! We must awaken to the truth of the great deception before we can make any positive change.

Look beyond the choice between left and right, red and blue – this is nothing but the illusion of choice. The financial elite are pulling the strings, and if your vote could threaten their control they would have outlawed it long ago. What is freedom? Lining up like sheep every few years to push button A or button B, and then going back to work and doing what you’re told?

Let us take a look at the bigger picture…

All power is within the mind. It is thought that shapes our lives and our world. It is thought that created this planet, this galaxy, this universe, from the void of pure potential. Our thoughts have the power to change the existing paradigm, to birth a new reality and a new way of being.

The system that exists on this planet now stands upon pillars of belief. We can withdraw our belief, and the system will collapse. The time has come. It has already begun.

Millions are already awake and aware of what’s happening. Voices are crying out everywhere, spreading the word, getting the Truth firmly established in the mass consciousness. Many more are quietly going about their lives, holding within them the New Dream, the new vision for mankind.

What does this new vision look like?

It begins with personal responsibility. We can no longer look to anything or anyone outside of us for help or rescue. That is victim consciousness, a mind-set of fear and powerlessness. We must recognize that the answer, the power, and the change that is needed is within. We are the leaders, the saviors, the hope for humankind.

The new vision is one of an enlightened humanity – that each and all of us could live in Oneness. We must awaken and remember who we are. We are one with the limitless field of awareness, Infinite Creative Intelligence eternally contemplating itself. Each of us is God-incarnate! This realization restores our freedom and our sovereignty, and renders law and government obsolete.

If you voted today, fine. I hope that you voted according to your conscience and your sincere beliefs, and not based on the opinions of others. And I applaud those of you who educated yourselves enough to see past the bi-partisan puppet show and cast your vote for a party that actually stands for real change!

No matter what the outcome of this election, the system is broken, the game is rigged. I am suggesting that the only way out is to stop playing. Unplug yourself from the broken system. Awaken from the mass delusion. Join in the new vision, the New Earth!

Real change requires more than just filling out a ballot once in a while – it requires a sincere decision and a strong inner commitment to be lived each and every day. We must step into personal responsibility, commit ourselves to inner growth and awakening, and begin to contribute to birthing and building the new paradigm in whatever way we can.

Ultimately it comes down to the choice between fear and love. It is our fears that blind us and bind us. It is fear that fuels the machine – it is love that sets us free.

Awaken, be aware. Every moment, every step, every breath – choose love.

~ Ben


18 thoughts on “Choice

  1. It is realisation of oneness. Your words are carrying that universal message. This is how we should observe, contemplate and live.

    I agree with your voice, Ben. Insightfully written, and thank you for coming back. Do share your thoughts, whenever you feel.

    Blessings and love. 🙂

  2. Ben, I can relate to you so much, I’m having the same experience- so much is happening all around- it’s been challenging being able to find time to sit down and write and share all that is blossoming… You’ve always inspired me but this time you’ve reeeaaally inspired me to get back to sharing. Thank you for coming back, Peace, love and light friend 🙂

    • Good! I look forward to what you have to share Rowena!

      Thank you for your love, you are always so encouraging. And thank you for being in the Light, and doing your part to ground the Light on this planet, at this magical time. Enjoy the ride, things should be getting veeerrryyy interesting!

  3. Your words bring everything precisely to the point. These elections had a huge impact everywhere and were followed all over the world and everybody was wondering who will be the one (that will be the pupped for others), controlling this huge war machinery for the next four years.
    “It is our fears that blind us and bind us. It is fear that fuels the machine – it is love that sets us free.”
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts because these will have an impact too and hopefully open some more eyes and awake those that still search the “American Dream” in their actual dream state.

    • Thank you Jean-Claude. I am sorry that the nation I call home has become known around the world as a “war machine.” Myself and many others are doing what we can do to bring an end to the violence.

      Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi…

  4. Agree with your assessment. For Americans, working through the government is the only practical option. The remains of the American democracy is our only tool to overcome the corporate powers that overpower the government at present. The constitution hasn’t been repealed yet. It’s all we have.

    • I’m not so sure… corporate control of the government goes pretty deep. Corporate money pays for the campaigns of every elected official… CEOs and Wall Street execs are appointed to nearly every cabinet position and government agency… it’s pretty bleak, man. I think real change will have to happen outside the system.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • I wasn’t being optimistic either. Other than the constitution, the courts, and the existing system (albeit extremely corrupted) we don’t have many tools.

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