Give Yourself Away


This moment, and every moment

Love is giving itself away,

Life is freely gushing forth.


Why be another thirsty mouth?

You are the fountain.


Be a radiant, shining Joy

Kissing the face of the Earth.

Be a healing balm on the wounds of this world.



Let the spiraling dance of Creation

Carry you along.

Let go…

Let the cosmic whirlpool take you.


Give yourself to the needs of this moment.

Give your life as a gift to the universe.

Give your body back to God.


Be the Christ –

Die into everlasting life.


~ Ben


13 thoughts on “Give Yourself Away

    • Thank you Jason. It is not something we can “do” on our own (as seperate personalities), but something that happens of its own accord, bursting forth from within us like a flower from a bud…

  1. Taking this one with me today to remember– in any thirsty mouth moment, I can be the fountain. What joy in the truth of it!:)
    Thank you Ben! -Jennifer

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