Wisp of Smoke

wisp of smoke

There is a fire

That burns so bright it can’t be seen –

But it enables you to see.


It gives light and life and joy

To all beings.


There is a white-hot brilliance

Blazing in the very heart

Of Being It-Self.


Creativity, passion, poetry, music

Pour from there like waves of heat…


I am but a prism

That light shines through…


A leaf, withering in that heat

Quivering with anticipation


Laughing, burning

Begging to become


A wisp of smoke.


~ Ben


8 thoughts on “Wisp of Smoke

    • Thanks Celeste! You know all about beauty and deep emotion, as I can tell from your writings – you comment means alot to me 🙂

      Peace and love,

      ~ Ben

  1. What a delight to return after few weeks of being away from blog and being treated by your most engaging posts! This poem is beyond beauty – it shall dance in my soul for sometime and more.
    Keep penning…yours is a beautiful heart and soul, my dear mate!

    • Thank you so much for sweet comments, Shaheen! You have brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face, as you always do. I too have been away from cyberspace for awhile now – it seems the outer world has gotten a bit hectic. But I shall be back, and I will keep penning as long as this heart keeps beating 🙂

      Stay gold, dear friend!

      ~ Ben

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