empty hands

Loss is my greatest teacher

And my truest friend.


Every time I find myself

Grasping at phantoms

That appear to be forms,


Saying, “I am this!

This is mine!”


Loss comes round again,

Reminding me of the peace and freedom

Found in the endless letting go…


I should be so lucky as to lose,

Everything and everyone

And nothing spared!


For loss is my greatest teacher,

And the highest form of Grace.


It is when my heart is broken open

That it becomes the gushing fountain

Of compassion;


The abode of the bodhisattva.


It is when my hands are empty

That they hold the open sky…


~ Ben


27 thoughts on “Loss

  1. a huge wisdom expressed very condensed, when I read it I felt a big “oneness”; I don’t know you, but in the dimension of wisdom “you and me” stop to exist.

    a big namaste


  2. Hi,
    You clearly demonstrate that there is no “me and you” in wisdom. I read the poem and felt unity in that wisdom.


    I tried to reblog it, didn’t work, don’t know why. May I copy with reference it?


    • Thank you for your kind words, Francois – I am honored.

      You may indeed copy and share as you please, my friend. I would appreciate a reference.

      Thanks and blessings,

      ~ Ben

  3. The more you share your voice here, it brings a new vision of peace on my side. how free you are, no attachments and yet open arms to share love.
    someday we shall meet, Ben.

    This came at a right time. Rejuvenated. This moment is felt.

    • Wow, thanks Pawan. Your words are very touching. I am glad that you find peace and inspiration in my verse, brother. And I too hope to meet one day in person – it would be a real pleasure 🙂

    • If one is sincere in the desire for awakening above all else, there comes a time when you can no longer pray asking for mercy – you no longer desire things to be easy and comfortable. You realize if you want complete, unexcelled awakening, you need fierce Grace – a warrior God with a flaming sword to cut through your illusions and your bullshit. Death before death isn’t easy, but it is the highest of all aspirations – all else is just passing the time…

      Thanks for reading Moiz. Bless you, my friend!

      • You are right. I wished for what you wish and am going through it-it is not easy! There are not only barriers off darkness but also barriers of light to penetrate!

  4. How ironic that the same deep and terrible wound I want to run from is the one that points the way to the center of myself. I have been just meditating on that these last few days, so your poem is right on target for me. Thank you for your beautiful mystical poetry. 🙂

    • Thank you Samadhi, for reading and sharing your feelings! It is amazing how the activity of our inner life is so perfectly reflected in the outer world – the things we read, see and hear all around us always seem to speak to our most private struggles, and reinforce the inner of guidance of Spirit…

      Embrace the pain, let it cleanse you, and guide you, and set you free!

  5. Loss is priceless, for we evolve with abundance. Indeed, it is a silent teacher, silent friend. The pangs of loss are nonetheless a reality of the consumed outer world, though the inner realms have their own space zoomed in and out. love the poem, dear Ben. keep shining & penning.

  6. Life can pour its precious wine in a clean empty vessel. If we assume this truth, we will enjoy it all, but never hold to anything.

    Yes, each moment is loss. This insight scares many as what else have we learned throughout life other than holding to illusions? Clinging seems to be our share on this plane of existence…

    When you understand that Freedom and Abundance is just a breath away, than you deliberately let go in trust knowing that everything comes and goes…

    The Void though, neither comes nor goes…:)

    I´ve been thinking about you and send you a thought of joy 🙂


    • Thanks Julien! I have been away from the blog for some time (life has gotten busy, too many other things require my time and attention). I appreciate your thoughts and your comment, and I look forward to getting caught up with the WordPress community very soon 🙂

      Much love,

      ~ Ben

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