A Warrior’s Song

Have you ever stood beneath the stars

In silence, in solitude

Drinking in the mystery

And the loneliness of existence?


Have you ever been humbled

By the endless vastness of the universe

And keenly felt

Your insignificance?


Have you ever been face to face

With death?

Do you know in your bones

That the grave awaits?


That one day your name

And even your greatest deeds

Will be washed away without a trace?


Warrior – tomorrow is not guaranteed

Oblivion is all that’s sure

This moment just may be your last.


Waste not another second

Remembering the failures of your past!


Seize this day

And don’t ask why

This life was never yours to keep.


Embrace your fate

With head held high!


Stand at the edge of the great unknown…


And leap!


~ Ben


25 thoughts on “A Warrior’s Song

  1. Yes, Yes, and yes I have, more than once….such honest and heartfelt words….I really enjoyed the way you expressed the emotion of your inner reflections and conflicts….thank you for the encouragement….

  2. Ben, I love it ! How sublime and words etched in my heart. Yes, we must live for the moment and let go of yesterday and let tomorrow take its own form. You are such an amazing man and I totally cherish your blog! Love, your friend.

    • Thank you Hussein! I am grateful to you for reading, and for taking the time to leave a comment! I am glad to connect with you – I can tell from your blog that you are a deep thinker, with many inspiring reflections of your own, and I look forward to reading more of your insights!

      Peace ~ Ben

    • Thanks, Moiz! This is indeed universally human – often we cannot really live fully, happy and free, until we face our fear of death, and accept our own mortality…

  3. Yes, I have felt these. in moment we should live. thank you again for your deep insights. you are helping many souls here. keep penning, Ben.

    much love

    • Thanks brother! I’m sharing my contemplations, my feelings, my moments of awe and wonder… glad that there are others out there who feel the same! Peace and love

    • Exactly. The true battle is with ignorance and illusion, and the true warrior is the one with courage enough to face these things within himself, to see through the darkness and discover the light of Truth that shines within.

      Thanks for reading, and sharing your thoughts!

      ~ Ben

  4. Ben, it’s a real pleasure. This particular poem resonated profoundly, it came at the crucial moment of many personal questions. I am fairly new here, and finding my bearings. I endeavour to be a lot more visible 🙂 Thank you kindly for your compliment, and look forward to your visits.

    Continued blessings.

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