Some thoughts to share on Mother’s Day, for every mother and every child, too…


I love you Mom!!!


I say these words with all my heart,

to the woman who gave birth to me,

who nursed me and raised me,

And who herself was once a girl

In my grandmother’s arms…


To the woman who has taught me

– and continues to teach me –

More than any other living being…


I say this too for every patient, wise and loving woman

I have ever known…


For every woman who has born, raised or cared for children,

And to all the young daughters who one day will…


I say this too for the Cosmic Mother I behold in all of them –

warm and bright as the morning sun,

soft and gentle as a summer breeze…


To the Goddess, Nature, indwelling all

Giving life to a hundred billion fertile spheres,

Nourishing all beings like suckling babes…


Who is every woman, every lover

Every mother, every daughter

And an ever present ebb and flow

of life and breath, birth and death…


The constant flux, the dance of form

by seasons tender and gentle,

fierce and terrible…


For her many moods and faces,

And for the many flavors of her Love,

I am eternally grateful.


I love you Mom.

Jagatambe Jai Jai Ma.


~ Ben


16 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Mothers are god-given gift, life is meaningless without them.As muslims, we are raised to honor and obey mothers for Allah’s mercy upon us is related to how much we respect them and appreciate them. Heaven is at the foot of mothers .If you want to go to heaven you have to be kind to your parents mainly your mother. 🙂 love your poem, so beautiful.

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