Circle of Praise

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my writings, to share your thoughts and comments, and who have included me in your online community, and inspired through your work (and play!). I need to take a moment to play catch-up… to acknowledge the honors bestowed upon me by my fellow bloggers, and to pass on the honor to others…

To keep the circle of praise alive and flowing!

A big thank you to Rowena @ for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – be sure and check out her wonderful blog, if you haven’t already, she is a beautiful soul sharing her adventures, dreams and revelations with the world, and they are a joy to read. As per the terms of this award, here are 7 things that you might not know about me:

1) I was a total geek in high school (studied calculus, spent hours playing Dungeons & Dragons)

2) I love all kinds of music (from hip-hop to kirtan, jazz and rock and folk, and fusions of them all)

3) I am a drummer, currently dabbling in guitar and piano

4) I have recorded one CD, with friend & fellow musician Jerry Willis, under the name ‘Beautiful Something.’ If you’re curious, here’s a sample:

5) I LOVE good, strong coffee – especially from Guatemala

6) I tend to stay up late, and sleep in (partly due to my work schedule)

7) I often laugh, loud and long, at things know one else finds funny…


And here are 15 blogs I have found, that I love and appreciate, and to whom I would like to pass on this honor:

And many thanks to Subhan @  and to Leroy @ for both nominating me for the Versatile blogger award! Both of these blogs are incredible sources of inspiration – so do yourself a favor and click on those links! Here are 7 more things I will reveal about yours truly:

1) I work for a church (more specifically, a prayer ministry)

2) I teach meditation, and lead a meditation group in my hometown

3) I love animals (I live with a dog and 4 cats)

4) I love to read (some favorites: The Hobbit, Moby Dick, Les Miserables, anything by Kurt Vonnegut)

5) I am the oldest of 3 children (I have 2 younger sisters)

6) I have an 8 yr old son (who loves riding bikes and playing video games)

7) I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman from Brazil (love you Suely!)


Here are 15 more blogs more than deserving of this nomination:


And last but not least, infinite gratitude to Paul @ and to the author of for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! Again, these are two outstanding blogs, already included in my list of nominations above, and absolutely worth your time and attention – be sure to check them out! As per the terms of this award, I shall answer ten questions:

Favorite food – fresh fruit

Favorite drink – water

Age – 27

Favorite time of day – the wee hours of the morning

Favorite time of year – summer

Favorite animal – birds

Favorite movie – Forrest Gump

Favorite vacation – camping with my son

Favorite physical activity – making love

Favorite thing – music


And here are the blogs I would like to nominate for this award:


Thank you all for your love and support! May this circle of mutual appreciation and shared inspiration continue to expand! I am, sincerely, gratefully yours,

~ Ben


29 thoughts on “Circle of Praise

  1. Dear Ben, congrats on your lovely achievement and for the awards! You truly deserve so much more! I am so honoured that you would think of my humble abode as worthy for a nomination – my soul thanks you, dear kinf friend. Wonderful to also read a little about you on this post! May you always remain happy, healthy and gold. Wishing you love with your wonderful Brazilian lady!
    Am truly honoured and blessed to have your presence in my journey! Here’s to life, Ben.
    Thank you for reading my writings.
    p.s. one of these days I shall get to nominating people, seems like I am greedy to accept, but, time now to give. please pardon my lack of how to go abouts with the award!! 😦
    Light & love, Shaheen

    • Shaheen, your “humble abode” is worthy of all praise and recognition! I love your writings and all the little pieces of your heart and soul that you give so generously…

      Here’s to life, indeed 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to know you through this amazing platform of awards.
    you are an inspiring soul, keep writing more insights.
    thank you…
    and congratulations for the awards, there are many more to come..

    • Thank you brother. You were among the first bloggers I connected with here on WordPress, and I have so thoroughly enjoyed following your writings for some months – you have given me many laughs, many deep thoughts and even deeper surges of feeling…

      I am glad to be your reader, and your friend.

    • Thank you Priyesh for checking out the links! It is a joy to be a part of the flow of inter-connectivity, and to see the web of Light growing and expanding as new discoveries and connections are made! All are blessed…

    • You are most welcome Ben, and more than deserving. May the chain of links continue to connect you others who will love your work as much as I do!

  3. Thank you so much thinking of me for the Versatile Blogger Award Ben. You are quite inspiring, and you deserve all of the praise you have received!

  4. Thank you Ben! You are spreading smiles 🙂 I am grateful to you for bestowing this honor on me and on other beautiful fellow bloggers.

    • Your are so welcome Richa! You are an inspiration, and you too are spreading smiles, Truth, Light and Love – it is my great pleasure to include you in this list of my favorite blogs!

  5. Thanks, Ben, for the nomination, and congratulations. You truly deserve the recognition you have received. I feel truly honored to be given the opportunity to continue this circle of praise.
    Love & Light

    • You are welcome, my friend! I love the stories and the insights that you share, as well as your poetry, music, videos – your blog is a treasure, and I am glad to include you in this circle!

  6. Beautifully put Ben. You deserve all that comes to you, and these awards just show that you are helping the readers of your blog. Keep on doing what your doing and I will continue to read your wonderful words. And Thanx for the mention also.

  7. Congratulations and lots of gratitude for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award! Thanks a lot for everything… your sharing, your blog, your comments, your kindness and your wonderful poetry.

    • Samadhi, it is my great pleasure to share my writings, and I am infinitely grateful to you for reading and following, and for sharing your insights…

      I mentioned you in this post, as it is my hope that others will find your blog and be blessed by your writings as I have! By taking the time to accept these awards and pass them on, it has brought me into contact with other bloggers who I may not have discovered otherwise. It has been a very worthwhile endeavor, and I hope that you too can find the time to accept your award, and pass it on, and that you too will continue to connect with others and that your circle will be ever-growing…

      Boundless blessings,

      ~ Ben

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