Come To Me Again

goddess 1

It happened again last night…

You came to me, suddenly, silently,

Not seen, but felt

Surging in like the tide,

Pulling me softly into you…


A living ocean

Pouring through me

Caressing every cell of my body

Like a million lover’s tongues…


You hum and all of Life takes up the tune,

You dance and the universe dances with you.


“What’s the name of this song?” I ask.

“Free will,” you reply.


You show me cosmic wonders, and beauty beyond description,

And say, “These are your own reflections.”


Then you show me all my deepest greed and shame,

Like a pit opening up beneath me, black and foul,

I feel my wings falter…

I panic – you laugh.


“Fall,” you say.

“There is nothing to fear.”


So I plummet down into the howling depths of darkness,

And there you are!

Wearing a sly and wicked grin.


You are everywhere, both inside and outside,

My mind cannot contain it.

Like a chrysalis, I swell and burst –

And you emerge!


Beloved, I will never tire of this game!


Come to me again tonight –

You know the place where I will wait.


When the darkest hour of the night

Finds me alone and listening

To the yawing of the wind in the trees –

Come to me again.


Call me by my secret name,

The one that only lovers know.


Come to me again tonight,

Come, come again…


~ Ben


25 thoughts on “Come To Me Again

    • Yes… provocative, suggestive… blending the spiritual and the sensual, the mystical and the erotic… in my experience they aren’t so different, you see. So glad that you enjoyed it!

      ~ Ben

  1. it’s sacred love…
    a different one from you, nonetheless it finds the way to home.

    “Like a million lover’s tongues.” how you wrote that ? abstract unison of love. it is my way to see, so don’t mind. haha….

    you wanted to weave emotions, and you did; and the expression, “come to me again, tonight” leaves a hope for love…

    • Yes this one is a bit different… in most of my poetry, “you” indicates the reader; this is one of a few I have written that are love songs to the Friend, the Beloved, like in Sufi poetry. The whole poem is a description of the state of mystical union. When these experiences happen, it feels to me like a “visit” from beyond…

      The line about “Caressing every cell of my body like a million lover’s tongues” is a very literal description of one such experience, so that line kind of wrote itself.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend. Peace!

      • Oh you have a voice like Rumi….and that’s why this poetry came with a mystical element.

        it’s always nice to read anything from you…:)

  2. Hi Ben,
    I am happy to be nominating you for a Sunshine Award. Kindly check out my own post, ‘Sunshine award’ (May 3), for more details. You can also take the image from my blog by clicking on it and downloading it.
    I look forward to reading more of your poems.
    ~ Paul

  3. My dear friend, this surely tugs at my heart. What beautiful and intricate words woven so gently. God bless you, dear soul
    Love it !

  4. Beautiful poetry, Ben. So glad to have found your blog and your work. I can feel the sacredness of light flowing from within you as you write.

    • Thank you so much! I am truly honored when someone not only takes the time to read and comment, but to actually browse around and explore the blog, and read some older posts… thank you for reading, and I am glad my poems speak to you!

      Peace and love ~ Ben

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