Listen, God is Speaking

How does Spirit speak to us?

Through every open channel!


The Guru hides inside every person

Who crosses your path…


Listen to what he has to say.


Do not listen only with your ears,

But with your eyes, and your heart

Listen with every pore of your skin,

And with the very marrow of your bones.


Real listening requires your whole mind,

Your whole being.


Can you see in every man, woman and child

The soul, the mirror,

Your own holy self?


Can you see in every bird, and every tree,

And every breathing thing,

The Living God?


Every person deserves your love and attention.

They just want you to listen,

They just want you to care.


When they speak, God is speaking.


Listen to what He has to say.


~ Ben


19 thoughts on “Listen, God is Speaking

  1. I like the idea of recognizing the divine or profound in the corporeal. We’d be doing ourselves and others good by paying a little more attention and caring a little more. Thanks for sharing.

    • I believe the purpose of existence is to see the divine in all things… as Yogi Bhajan put it, “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”

      Thank you for reading, and sharing your thoughts.

      Peace and Love ~ Ben

  2. How stunningly you have manisfested and delved deep within to stroke a note in my heart with this poem. I so admire your will and strength to see finer things in life….for some time, through your words you have brought solace to my heart this very moment.
    Remain gold as you are, my dearest friend. Keep seeking the truth and share your wisdom with us — I assure you, I am grateful Ben.

    • And I am grateful, Shaheen – grateful to you for sharing your voice and your wisdom, and grateful for your kind comments and your loving support. You are such a blessing!

      ~ Ben

  3. and I would listen to this voice of yours, endlessly; insightful and provoking an awareness….we all are mere reflections of each other…..
    you are sending positive vibes to many souls, and that’s what is needed in this hour of life….
    continue on this journey and all of us would be ready to walk with you….

  4. You know. That has been my practice lately. I got an interesting call recently from a woman that had a special need, and I went rambling on with my mechanic script when she stopped me on my tracks. “LISTEN TO ME!” You people don’t listen!” It was a call that stayed with me for a few days (that never happens.) I could feel that LISTEN going through my gut and asked what did it mean. Something, someONE was trying to get my attention. It was listen to the wholeness. I have been practicing. It is beautiful. Thank you for putting it in a poem. 🙂

    • A similar thing happened to me recently, Samadhi – not one specific call, but I noticed that lately I had been unusually exhausted at the end of my shift, rather frustrated with some of the callers… you know how it can be.

      So one morning before work, I prayed about it, and waited in the Silence… and Spirit came through saying “Listen. Be fully present. Don’t resist, don’t turn away – embrace each call with your total attention, nothing less.” Thus was born this poem, and my evenings at work have been so much more peaceful, sacred, joyous.

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing! Peace and love,

      ~ Ben

  5. How does spirit speak to us? Why, through you brother Ben. Great to find you here, now.
    I am loving reading through your poetry, I am new to your blog but…
    I have nominated your wonderful blog for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ (
    I felt humbled in gaining recognition from a fellow blogger, whom I respect, and as a result, have connected with a load more wonderful folk; sharing through words and images this incredible collective experience we are all having.
    The ‘turtle’ started small and is maturing slowly, it is nice to hear of people reading and enjoying my reflections on the ride.
    See the original turtle post here:
    Good luck with all……
    Peace and Light,

    • Brother Lee –

      I am grateful! I am honored by your nomination, and overjoyed to connect with you and share this beautiful ride! I look forward to perusing your site in greater depth.

      I will pay it forward to others who are doing amazing work, and keep the circle of Light expanding!

      Many thanks, and much love!

      ~ Ben

    • Thank you Genie! I am so glad that you have found my site, and stopped to read and share your thoughts.

      Peace and love be with you always,

      ~ Ben

    • It is true… we should listen to everyone, all the time, as though they were the world’s wisest person, lying on their death-bed, imparting to us their last words. For the whole universe speaks through each one of us!

    • Ha ha! You are too sweet 🙂

      We’ll call this a mutual admiration, then. I’m very impressed with your writing, with your taste in art, the scope of your interests, the depth of your insight. You have the gift of listening, hearing, feeling and understanding…

      With love,

      ~ Ben

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