Let Love Have It’s Way

In this Conscious universe, all of Creation is made up of waves of energy vibrating in the emptiness of Mind. Pure Awareness contains the infinite potential for all that is, and all that ever was or ever will be. That pure and eternal Beingness has been called by many different names… let us call it, for the moment, God.

God, containing infinite creative potential, creates infinitely. The emergence of energy from the empty void of pure being is the Primal Cause, the act of Creation – an act of Love.

The Creation is not an event of the distant past but rather the constant process of the eternal Now. And the Primal Creative Energy is ever radiating out from the center of the universe that is the Self – the everpresent Awareness of I AM. That energy that creates and sustains all things is the energy of gratefulness, worship, ecstasy

It is Love.

It is the need and desire of God to explore all possibility – or more specifically, to create,embrace, love and release all possible experiences.

All around you right this very moment God is experiencing Itself through all the different forms around you – and of course as you, yourself. Feel that subtle creative energy flowing through you; nourishing the cells of your body, giving sight to your eyes, sound to your ears, taste to your tongue, sensation to your nerves and skin… it is the root source of your will and awareness.

Feel Life living itself as you. Awareness experiencing itself as you. Love loving itself as you.

Be grateful.

Allow that pure energy of gratitude to flow through you. Feel your gratitude for life, for this moment, for all the beauty all around you. Take time every day to feel grateful, to tune into the pure energy of Source, of God, of Love…

Step outside and feel how every leaf and flower and every living thing throbs with life, and radiates the energy of love and praise… look up at the night sky and appreciate the beauty of the cosmos, and know that there is no end to Love…

There is no end… no end to life, to existence, to creation… no end to you.

You are Love, mistakenly identified with a transient personality – an ego that dissects and labels the living universe until it seems to lie dead on the operating table. How do you escape this trap?

Feel your way.

You have mistakenly believed yourself to be a thinker of thoughts. Truly it is your feelings which are closer to the heart of you. The True Reality is outside the grasp of reason, but your intuition can guide you home.

Feel your way to gratitude, to worship, to Love – it is within you right now. It is the eternal Truth of you, and the source of all true peace, joy and fulfillment. It is God giving life to your body, light to your mind, evolving you from within.

Forget who you think you are and tune into that vibration. Be still and be thankful.

Let Love have it’s way with you.


15 thoughts on “Let Love Have It’s Way

  1. Your writing is so fresh and optimistic. While we may not have the same religious and spiritual backgrounds, the hope your writing inspires is so relatable. We humans need more reminders to appreciate, feel, love. You’ve opened my mind a little more just now; so glad I found your blog!

    • That is one of the best and kindest comments I have ever received… I am honored! So glad these words touched your heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      ~ Ben

  2. Ben this is really a good one…let love have it’s way without giving any thoughts…so amazing and true…..
    let us flow with these vibrations across countries and share evermore love…

    a philosophical master you are…:)

    • Thank you brother, you are so kind 🙂

      This one happened a little differently than most… I was outside in meditation – wasn’t even planning to do any writing – but suddenly all these insights came through me in a rush, a revelation.

      Normally I will spend days writing and polishing an idea, but I sat down at the keyboard and wrote this one in about 30 minutes. It felt channeled…

      • aah, I know that feeling…..a sudden rush, excited and inspired self….it’s really good to write like this, in a flow the words just come….. and that’s why this is so special coming from you……

        keep doing your great work bro…:)

  3. “The Creation is not an event of the distant past but rather the constant process of the eternal Now.”

    Indeed, It happens NOW…It is the first time when someone else has ever expressed this. Now is the Big Bang of Creation. If only people wanted to know this…

    “Awareness experiencing itself as you. Love loving itself as you.”

    Exquisite my friend! Thank you for this God inspired text

    • Thank you, my friend. So glad to connect with you – so much inspired material on your blog as well, and I look forward to perusing more of your work in the days to come.

      Infinite blessings,

      ~ Ben

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