With Eyes Closed

With eyes closed,

The sun is but a soft glow,

A ghostly warmth upon my skin.

The wind is a cool caress

In which the locks of my hair are dancing,

Tickling my nose and cheeks.

With eyes closed,

All form is dissolved…

There are sounds, but without source;

Images drifting, disconnected;

Thought-flowers blooming

From the emptiness of mind,

And dissolving back again…

My breath is the most tangible thing.

With eyes closed,

There is no time, no place,

No-thing, no-where,


Just playful stillness,

A quiet joy, patiently waiting –

Waiting for the next surging need

To pull me back

Into busy-ness.

~ Ben


10 thoughts on “With Eyes Closed

  1. Ben, it’s sublime and soothing – like a drop og morning dew before the sunrise. Love it, my dear friend.
    Blessings be with you, all your life. Cheers.

  2. So so sooooooo beautiful! As always! I feel like I’ve been seeing more with my eyes closed, than when they are open, when I go into meditations it’s so much easier than when it was before, the silence of the stillness, it’s a wonderful place to find yourself. Thank you for sharing this. Much peace and love!

    • Thank you for reading. My words only indicate a deep Truth that you carry with you in your Soul.

      I would be happy to talk with you about any questions you might have, and I encourage you to browse through my “Links” page where you will find many of the sources that have inspired and influenced my thoughts and my poetry.

      Many blessings,

      ~ Ben

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