This is one of my newest poems – it was revealed to the world at the Soul Sharing open mic night on April 29th, so those of you who were there might recognize it…




So here we are, all together.

We have taken many different roads to arrive,

But here we are…


Each the star of our own drama,

And writer, director, and producer as well.

Dear one, can you not see

That all the stories that we tell ourselves

Are just that

And nothing more?


Here we are, and Grace is waiting

To dissolve the karmic ties

We’ve created for ourselves.

Why burden yourself with past lifetimes,

When the mistakes of a moment ago

Are already forgiven?


Dear one, God is seeking to Awaken

And to know itself through you

At any moment we can let go

And dissolve into Being.


Why wait?


Why make enlightenment another goal to be achieved?

To forecast it into the future

Only keeps it there.

Dear one, can you not see

That all the goals you chase,

Are just so many clever ways you are running away

From what you already are?


Here we are


Why wait?


Melt into this moment,

Forget all else.

~ Ben


21 thoughts on “Grace

    • Thank you so much! It is a joy to share what’s in my heart, and I am grateful to you for reading and taking the time to leave a comment.

      Peace and love,

      ~ Ben

  1. Wow, you are back with a great poem…so easily you wrote, penning beautiful truth of living in the moment..

    and so profound lines,
    “At any moment we can let go
    And dissolve into Being.”

    why wait ?

    amazing one
    have a good day, Ben….:)
    much love

  2. Ben,

    “Here we are


    Why wait?

    Melt into this moment,

    Forget all else.”

    What stunning lines in this poem, a breat-taking expression you have penned. My friend, you surely know how to communicate with my heart and soul. Am blessed for your presence in my journey. But, you know this. Totally relished the positive energy and simplicity — which is elegant.
    Stay gold, my dear friend. Cheers & happiness to you.

    • Thank you Paul – that’s quite a compliment. It is one of the universal signs of good poetry that it gets better with each read!

      Peace ~ Ben

    • Thank you Stuti! I am loving your writings too! Glad to connect with you, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts and inspirations…

      Peace ~ Ben

    • Thank you, my friend! Glad to connect with you here in Oneness… I have followed your footsteps back to your home blog, and very much enjoy what I am finding there so far. Write on, my brother!

      Much love,

      ~ Ben

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