You Make a Difference

In the short time that has passed since I began to sincerely devote myself to this blog, and involve myself in the WordPress community, I have connected with so many amazing people. When I began to publish my poems and my thoughts, I did so from a need to write, to create, to express myself. I had no idea what would come of it.

I never expected that so many would find and read my words, much less relate. I never expected to find so many people who share my thoughts, who feel like I feel. I never expected to discover so many talented and creative writers, poets, artists and philosophers out there with whom I resonate so deeply. I have been pleasantly surprised on all fronts!

I am in perpetual awe at how many people all around the world are waking up and speaking out. My life has been filled with unexpected encounters and unlikely friendships with others who walk the spiritual path. And here in cyberspace I continue to connect with enlightened souls who are exploring the spiritual dimensions of life, discovering the infinite potential of human consciousness, and sharing their wisdom, compassion and creativity with the world.

Check out my blogroll (which just keeps growing!) and see what I mean. These links will connect you with some of the most beautiful minds I have ever had the pleasure to know. The writings, photos, insights and information that they share inspires me and feeds my soul each day.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that nearly every one of these blogs has been started recently. Just within the last several months, so many awakening (and awakened) people have been inspired to reach out to the world, in this digital space where we are all interconnected.

Coincidence? I think not.

It is further evidence pointing to the mass awakening which is spreading like wildfire around the globe. People are turning within, discovering their unique voice, their creativity – their divinity. And now that turning within is coming full circle, and people are no longer content to just seek their own inner peace and joy. Increasingly we are feeling an urge to reach out to each other – to connect, to heal, to teach and inspire; to love and learn and grow together; to bring peace, joy and beauty to the world at large.

Blogging is in many ways the new frontier of communication. No censorship, no corporate sponsors – nothing to keep us separate from one another. We can use this medium to serve a holy purpose – to build a new network and create a new way of sharing information and inspiration. We have already begun – but this is just the beginning. Who knows where it could go from here?

We are here. We are awake. We will be heard. We are One, and the time has come to make that mystical, transcendent Oneness a living reality on this planet.

I extend to each of you my deepest love and appreciation, for who you are and all that you do. If you are reading this – thank you! I love you! You are amazing and beautiful! Yes, I mean you!

Each one of us has a song to sing, and a gift to bring into this world. Each one us has a part to play in the healing and Awakening of Mother Earth. Every heart matters. Every soul is limitless fountain of love, wisdom and creativity.

Look within, find your voice – and sing! Sing out so all the world can hear you! You make a difference!

~ Ben


7 thoughts on “You Make a Difference

  1. This, as always, was so beautiful and powerful to read. I had goosebumps from the begining of it cause everything you said is 100% spot on! Just this morning on the subway, I saw three different people reading either natural news, or articles regarding the deceptions of the FDA and Federal Reserve, a couple of people were dancing (this is 7 in the morning), I couldn’t help but smile and dance my heart out myself, it was incredible! This blog is seriously so incredible, you are incredible, thank you for being you! Much love and light.

    • Thank you so much Rowena 🙂

      It is such a pleasure to share the journey with you, you are an incredible spirit. Keep on dancing! There is beautiful music everywhere, and more and more people are starting to hear it… this is Cosmic Springtime, and awareness is blossoming!

      With love and gratitude,

      ~ Ben

  2. Beautiful! I, too, am fairly new to the WordPress community. I came here for the community, having left blogspot. I have met the most amazing people here whom I have learned a great deal from.

    • So good to connect with you, Spider Goddess. Thank you for being a part of this amazing WordPress community – for sharing your voice, and shining your light. And thank you for reading and commenting. I am grateful 🙂

      Peace and love ~ Ben

  3. Talesfromthelou directed me here; I owe him a big thank you. I love your writing and your thought process.. Keep it up the world needs what you have to say and how you say it. I’ll be back.

    • Thank you so much! I love Lou’s blog and I am grateful to him for sharing my post. And I am grateful to you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      Many blessings! ~ Ben

  4. You are such a gem! Your writings, thoughts, generosity and love for humanity is inspiring, dear Ben.
    May your journey be lit by many lamps, my friend. Thank you for the writings on your blog! Cheers. Stay gold.

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