What Purpose?

The sun is bright today,

The world is bustling with activity;

Abuzz with the sound of cars and trucks,

Power saws and cooling units,

The constant drone of mechanized modern life.

(They call it progress…)

While I sip my morning coffee,

I look out upon the city

And the people who are busy keeping up

With all the endless tasks involved

In keeping the light bulbs burning…


For what purpose?


I look out upon the landscape,

Touched by an early Spring.

The daffodils are blooming silently,

And the trees are waking up;

On the tips of every branch and limb

Tiny buds are forming.

Everywhere the green returning,

Mixed with splashes of yellow, pink and red.

Seen and unseen Nature is stirring,

Without any effort or hurry,

Life is bursting forth afresh…


For what purpose?


My eyes perceive no difference

In the scurrying about of men, and squirrels –

The same Spirit moves all things.


The moaning of the wind in the trees

Blends perfectly with the sound of a passing train;

The birdsong is in harmony

With the wailing of a distant siren;

The dogs are barking, and someone is shouting

And a plane is passing overhead;

It’s all one wall of sound, washing over me.

The whole Earth is one divine emanation;

One holy and resounding



And what am I in all of this?

A wave, a ripple reflecting sunlight;

A mirror, in which God admires itself.


What am I, really?

Dust in the wind.

Just more particles dancing –


For what purpose?


Joy. Only joy.


~ Ben


6 thoughts on “What Purpose?

  1. Ben, what a beautiful poem — full of sonorous expression and reflection. Not only do you manifest so well, but, a shining soul you sure are. I always relish your thoughts – inspiring and unrelenting.
    Am delighted to know your sphere.

    Thank you for your comment on my recent poem ( I have replied to you).

    Stay gold. You make a wonderful difference in the world we live in, my friend. Cheers.

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