For Curtis

When I heard the news, I nearly wept.

It rained all night and all day;

For you, brother, for you.


I wish I could have spoken these words a little sooner,

That they might have reached you in the flesh.


Why does it take a tragedy to make us stop and think?


I cannot know your reasons,

I cannot know your private thoughts and struggles.

But I do know this – that all of the pain and confusion

Has passed from you now.


I know that your family and friends, too

Will in time be healed, find peace and acceptance.


I know that all pain and suffering serves its purpose and passes away

Like shadows before the advancing sun;

While the love that we share shines on.


I know that joy is eternal, all else fades away.


So today does not find me grieving.

This is not a song of loss and mourning,

But a celebration of who you are, and the life that you lived.


I loved you, and I love you still.

I was a friend to you, a brother to you.

We worked alongside one another,

We shared a roof for many months, and never quarreled.

We laughed and sang and drank together.

We roamed the countryside together,

Shared follies and adventures together,

And experienced more in a few short years

Than many do in a lifetime.


I know there was always more to you than was apparent –

That you thought deeply, felt deeply –

That beneath your tough and cool persona

Was a sensitive soul, and a heart of gold.


I know that you have loved, and loved intensely,

You have touched the lives of others,

And your love shines on.


These things I celebrate – these memories linger in my heart.

I will always smile when I think of you.

If I have any regret, it would be this:


I wish I had spoken these words a little sooner.


6 thoughts on “For Curtis

  1. Ben, a serrated pang in this poem. It’s well written and flows beautifully…Cheers. Happy to see you visiting my blog, let’s continue to be in touch! Cheers.

    • Thank you Shaheen! I keep up with my favorite blogs through google reader – so I am following you, but I’m not sure if WordPress registers that. I love your poetry, and I love the music, the culture and the causes that you share as well. Keep up the good work!

      Peace 🙂 ~ Ben

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