To You (Whoever you are…)

This is to you, whoever you are…

I saw you today while driving down the road –

You were walking, oblivious

Talking to yourself,

Or to God.


I saw you once in the park –

The sun was shining, the air was full of birdsong

And the sounds of children playing –

You hardly seemed to notice.

You sat on a bench, with your head down

Lost in your own thoughts

A world unto yourself.


I have glimpsed you across a crowded room,

In a bar or a coffee shop,

The scene is always the same –

So many people talking and laughing,

But you seek out the corner table

And drink alone.


I have seen you many times, in many places,

Though you seldom see me.


We’ve never met, but I feel that I know you.

The look in your eyes, the way that you carry yourself

Even your smallest gesture

Speaks volumes to me.


Every feeling I have ever felt

I see reflected in you.


Wrapped up as you are in solitude,

You imagine that no one sees you

That no one knows you exist.


But I see, my friend.

I see you.


15 thoughts on “To You (Whoever you are…)

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog – through which I have now discovered your stunning writings. This poem is a serrated pang, yet at the same time resilient — totally relish the flow. An enigma in this poem! keep penning and do keep in touch as I shall too. Cheers.

    • Thank you Jennifer for sharing this. And thank you ever so much for the comment, it means alot coming from you – I know from your blog that you too are a truly loving and compassionate soul.


  2. This is something different coming from you…and I’m so glad to read this poem…Only you could pen this beautiful feelings with love and honesty…fresh, lively and earnest….:)
    Keep writing Bneal, your reflections aid many souls…:)

    • Thank you brother. This is a departure from my more blatantly spiritual writings… this one comes from the loner, the outsider, the observer in me. I’m glad you felt it, my friend 🙂

    • Thank you for your kindness. The words are just mirrors – it is your own beauty you behold. I am so grateful that my writings have reached you, and touched your heart. Namaste 🙂

  3. It speaks to me as your apprehension of goodness that is shrouded in an unfriendly world. The goodness reveals itself to all. Unfortunately few to many see as you have. Thanks visit my blog.

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