There’s a hunger in your eyes tonight,

A quiet desperation.


You’ve grown tired of all the clever games you used to play.

You’ve tasted the wine of Truth

Now nothing else can satisfy!


I know that feeling – I know it well.

The thrill is gone, your food tastes stale;

Even the most beautiful lover

Barely raises your pulse…


You want the Beloved, not some slab of meat!

You cannot bear another moment apart.


But listen, my friend – this path requires patience.


Watch how the wind and rain can wither away the hardest stone…

That’s how it is with us, somehow.


Who watches the stars and planets take shape?

Who dissolves them back into dust?


With infinite patience He watches

As we build up our fortresses of grief and isolation.

With infinite tenderness,

He washes them away

without a trace.


They say that time is but an illusion, a plaything of the mind.

But the mind itself is a plaything!


Who is behind that?


Don’t you see?

The longing that you feel for God,

The fire that burns within you,

Is God itself!


Don’t you see?

There is only one destination.

And no matter what we believe, or what we do –

That’s where we all wind up!


So relax, my friend –

Enjoy the ride!


~ Ben


3 thoughts on “Patience

    • Thank you for reading Kyra! It is one of my greatest pleasures to write, to tap into the source of inspiration and let the words flow. It brings me even more joy to know that my words are reaching people who understand, who feel the way that I feel. Namaste

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