Still Get Down

This is one of my latest pieces of poetry. Those who attended the last Soul Sharing open mic might remember it. Enjoy!

Still Get Down:

Have you walked on the wild side?

Done some things you might regret?

Did you enjoy it a little bit?


Do you think you have to give it all up, to try and be virtuous?

To pose and play roles all the time,

And follow all the rules?


Listen, my friend – a Soul grows stagnant in conditions like that.

There’s another way – a place that we can go together,

Where everything’s a little bit looser;

Where it really doesn’t matter what we say or do,

Because we love each other anyway.


Imagine loving thy neighbor so much

That nothing he says or does can hurt you ever again.

Imagine loving yourself so much that all your guilt seems silly –

Your little doubts and fears become a source of amusement.


Can you love like that?

Can you handle total freedom?

Imagine that feeling, breathe it in –

Absorb it through your pores and let it just pour through you.


Let your mind be like melted butter in a skillet,

Let it go where it will,

Let it do what it does.

It’s okay to be playful, to indulge once in awhile.

Drink your wine, have your fun.


We can be mystical, and still be sensual.

We can be wise and enlightened,

And we can

Still get down!


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