My fist attempt to capture water drops.

Have you ever had your whole day turned around because of a kind word from a stranger, or a phone call from a friend? Have you ever experienced how a single act of kindness can call us back from the depths of sadness and frustration, and remind us of the joy that is our true nature?

You can’t begin to know the countless times and the many different ways you have made that kind of difference for someone else. We don’t know the power of a smile, a hug, or a compliment. We cannot see all of the subtle and far-reaching implications of our actions – a seemingly insignificant act of kindness can go a long way.

Consider this: we are vibrational beings, and Love is the primal vibration of this universe. Love is one of the eternal and enduring qualities of God, and of existence – Love is our true nature. So when we act from a place of compassion we align with the Truth of our being, and we tune-in to that universal vibration of Cosmic Love that is infinitely patient, kind, and generous. And that energy goes forth and touches the hearts and minds of those around us, in ways that we cannot see or measure.

Even the smallest gesture of patience and understanding towards another calls out the Truth within you both. Every conversation, every chance encounter can be a divine communion. Every moment we are given the opportunity to tune-in to Source, to be the hands, the voice, the face of God.

So what if you woke up late today, you’re running a little behind? What does it matter if you had an argument this morning, or you got some bad news? So what if you’re short on cash, or you’re hair just won’t do what you want it to do? Compared to the radiant light, the boundless love that is our true reality, our daily little disappointments don’t mean much.

When we live from that Truth, from our spiritual wholeness, we bring the power of Divine Love to bear in our lives, healing and harmonizing every situation. Every kind word, every gentle touch, every genuine smile, every loving thought, sends forth waves of Love – who knows how far they travel, or what works they accomplish. (Ever hear of ‘the butterfly effect’?)

So, dear reader, try to be a little more patient today. Smile at the cashier. Share a joke with a stranger. Forgive those who are irritable. Go out of your way for someone, if you get the chance. You are a mighty channel of God’s love – go forth and make waves!

~ Ben


One thought on “Waves

  1. Charles Fillmore said that “love is the power that joins and binds in divine harmony the universe and everything in it; this great harmonizing principle known to man.” (revealing word)

    A friend of mine says that the modern version of this is that love is the superglue of the universe.

    I say that as we become more of the love we wish to see in the world we are becoming sticky like glue and attracting more of those experiences.

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