A Little While

This is one of my more recent poems, some of you might have heard it read in person at the last Soul Sharing (lucky you). I hope you enjoy!

A Little While-

I sit in the cold and dark, tired but unable to sleep;
Somewhere it’s morning, someone is rising to start the day.

I am writing by the dim light of a small lamp;
Somewhere, someone is lighting a fire
Someone with no lights, no barrier against the heat and cold
Someone preparing a meager meal for a large family…

I am alone, with just these restless thoughts to keep me company;
Somewhere, two lovers are sharing passionate kisses, lost in the throes of longing
and abandon
Somewhere, old friends are sharing a bottle
Feeling the fullness of the years they have shared together
Content with twenty dollars worth of distilled pleasure.

I am broke, but I want for nothing;
Somewhere, someone is hungry, homeless, desperate for a fix
Someone is examining his portfolio, scheming on how to make his next million
Someone is admiring his original Rembrandt.

My walls are hung with crayola portraits, drawn by my darling son;
Somewhere a woman is weeping
All she ever wanted is denied her by her barren womb.
Somewhere, someone is giving birth
Amid cries of agony, and a mixture of blood and fluid, someone is being born.

I sip from the cup of perfect health;
My limbs are young and strong, my fibers full and flowing
Somewhere, someone is suffering, someone is crippled or sick
Someone is gasping for a breath that will never come.

I look out at the vast dark sky and smile – seeing it’s starlit magic and majesty;
Somewhere, someone is hopeless, somewhere a heart is painfully breaking
Somewhere depression, somewhere grief, fear, despair…
Strange how this moment could contain such wonders, such tragic beauty
An eternity of possibilities, so soon to pass away.

In a little while, sleep will find me
And somewhere, someone else will burn the midnight oil.
The man now waking will be working
And morning will creep through the shutters of another.

In a little while, the smile will fade from my lips, the magic vanish from my skies
My heart will crack and bleed, as sorrow comes round to collect it’s due.
Lovers will betray one another, friends will exchange harsh words, move away…
The lonely will find comfort, those now weeping will laugh once more.

In a little while, the vigor will drain from my flesh
I will grow gray and weary, I will one day expire
And the rosy flush of youth will fall upon another face, in some other place…
For a little while.

So to you, dear reader, wherever you may be
(is it late? are you all alone?)
Savor this moment, be it bitter, be it sweet
For this moment is your life
And it is only yours
For a little while.

~ Ben


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