Finding Center, Finding Balance

Greetings friends – it has been quite some time since my last post! You know how it is when life is so full it’s overflowing, and you can barely find time to do what must be done? Well blogging is one of those things that tends to get put on the back burner, at such moments.

 There have been many new developments! There have been some legal issues, some family drama, a broken-down pick-up and an embarrassingly bad sunburn. There has been a lot of meetings to attend and emails to send, SEE classes and church functions, etc. And last, but certainly not least, a deep friendship has blossomed into a hot new romance…

 Now I am very grateful to have a life so rich and full, but it can be difficult to juggle so many things at once – to be a father, a son, a friend and a lover, a poet and a writer, a mechanic, a counselor and so much more. There have been times the last few months that I have felt totally overwhelmed.

 I have become keenly aware of my tendency to take on too much – to try and be everything to everyone, and do everything for everyone, and in so doing to lose sight of my needs and my intentions (sound familiar?). In recent weeks I have taken a few steps back, devoted much time to contemplation, to the Silence. Finding center, finding balance, tuning into Source – the clarity and the wisdom that I needed was instantly available.

 So whenever you have one of those moments, know that you are not alone. I believe we all have a way of getting caught up in life, in routine and responsibility – we all have a tendency to lose touch with our true nature. Life is a perpetual dance, a constant process of learning and balancing.

 Don’t overlook the need for stillness, for solitude and prayer. Don’t be afraid to miss a meeting, to cancel an engagement, to take a step back. ‘Go ye apart for awhile’ – spend some time in the Silence and reconnect with the wisdom within you. Let Spirit guide you, and set your priorities. Relax, release – find your center, find your balance, and all that needs doing shall be done.

 Thanks for reading. Love and blessings,

 ~ Ben


3 thoughts on “Finding Center, Finding Balance

  1. And Jesus said, y’all go on over there and do your thing, I’m gonna go up into the hills and pray for a while.

    A timely reminder my dear, after all, if Jesus took time to get centered, it’s probably good advice for the rest of us.

  2. Ben, how timely. Just a couple weeks ago, I got back to my former routine of FIRST, everyday, taking time for connection to God. I had gotten away from my morning practice. It is amazing how I get everything done that I need to do when I give my time first to God.
    Blessings, Mary Lou

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