To You

This is a poem that I wrote, that seems to resonate well with my post yesterday, on the subject of leadership, courage, living one’s aspirations… Enjoy!

This is to you – you know who you are.
You who hear these words with an open mind
    with an open heart
Finding within or between these lines some spark of Truth or Beauty
    some flash of inspiration.
Know that nothing you see is beyond yourself.
I only mirror That in you
That which is divine and true
Find that Beauty in yourself
Find your voice, your vision, your dream
Let my words be the water, the nectar
    that nourishes the seed within your heart.

Have faith, my friend – embrace the loftiest of your ambitions
Believe in your ideas and inspirations
Forsake all else!
Heed not the path laid out for you by others
Even those who know you best
The ones you love and trust
    they cannot lead you to That which you seek.

Follow your deepest joy and passion.
Do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by popular opinion
Let all resistance and criticism be as encouragement to you
    let it be the fire in which you forge your purpose.

Have courage, my friend – forsake all comfort and conformity!
Dedicate the whole of your being to That which is most elusive, unattainable
Follow that path to it’s unknowable end
Though it may lead to failure, frustration, despair
Indeed it probably shall – perhaps there is no other way.

But that path alone is worth pursuing
That goal alone will bring fulfillment
That prize alone is imperishable.
When men and their creations have passed away, forgotten
When all our poems and songs have faded into Silence
That dream alone continues.
That Spirit lives on in other races, other spheres
To inspire new poems and songs, in exotic tongues
In distant corners of the universe.

~ Ben


4 thoughts on “To You

  1. Hello Ben. I’ve been going through Your blog, IT’S AMAZING! Great that there are such beutiful Souls and spread the art and their Light.
    Beautiful poem.

    • It is rare that someone takes the time to go so deeply into the blog, as you have. Thank you, I am touched. I’m glad you enjoyed your tour of my heart.

      With love,
      ~ Ben

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