Satori in the Park

Listen and I’ll tell you what beauty is
it is the Now moment in it’s entirety.
Free from any concepts, qualities, or distinctions
Free from any identification or self- importance
The whole scene is a glistening wave
that rolls on with or without me
I lose all sense of self and other
Dissolving into the sweet oblivion of emptiness
The leaves still flutter and the trees still sway
but there are no names for these things.
The sounds of city life still drone on undisturbed
The streetlights are still blazing ghastly yellow in the night
There is still a starry sky, constellations drifting
There is still a young hippie in faded blue jeans
contemplating eternity.
And who knows what subtle forces are dancing, unsuspected?
Even within this body I call my own
What life and activity, what cosmic dramas unfolding
of which I am blissfully unaware?
You see even this realization, this ecstatic surge of clarity and joy
has nothing to do with me at all –
It’s just the universe waking up from a nap
Remembering something momentarily forgotten.
God is awakening, enjoying Itself through me
As drops of bliss fall like raindrops upon my outstretched tongue.
I am but a thought in an Infinite Mind
composing verses to pass the time.

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