This Is It

The Kansas countryside after a passing storm
Something about the air, cool and heavy with moisture
Makes everything so fresh and beautiful
or maybe it’s my mood
But every color is startlingly brilliant
I can smell every blade of grass

The lake is spread out below me, cold and silent
Mirroring the smoky gray of the clouds overhead
Gentle waves caress the rocky shore
softly, tenderly

The birds are calling out (do they call to me?)
One goes swiftly winging overhead
to perch upon a nearby branch
He ruffles his feathers, he sounds his song

I have never seen that shade of blue before
set amidst the leaves so lush and green!
I have never heard that note before
or felt that heart-string strummed!

And then it hits me-
This is the very beginning

              the first moment, the first motion
This is the center of the universe
All of Creation is turning around this magical mid-western Spring
Every sight and sound is perfect just so
              never to be repeated
This is the point so easily missed
every moment is fresh and beautiful
This is it, right here and now
It doesn’t get any better than this
~ Ben

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