Art and Awakening

The artist has always been one of the most respected and revered members of society – and one of the least understood. Art by it’s very nature seems to defy logic, to elude the grasp of analysis and rational understanding. A great artist works for no reason or purpose other than the joy and beauty of creation.This is one of the profound lessons of art – it teaches us to appreciate joy and beauty for it’s own sake. It helps us to transcend the narrow confines of reason and logic, to get in touch with our intuition. It teaches us to be spontaneous, to trust our inspiration, our own inner genius. All we have to work with as artists is ourselves, our inner resources. So we must look within, we must trust ourselves.Something mystical happens in this creative process: as we turn within, reaching into the depths of the Soul, and touch upon that which feels to us most intensely unique and personal, we draw upon the One Source, which all recognize and know intimately. So great art is both original and familiar, both personal and universal.It is this mystical aspect of art that makes it such a powerful part of our spiritual awakening. The self-reflection and self-expression that is a necessary part of the creative process helps us come to know ourselves at the deepest level. As we learn to accept ourselves, and trust ourselves, we learn to surrender – to open up and allow what is within to come forth. And the more sincere and honest we are, the more completely we surrender, the more the Soul of the artist can express itself through the work of art, and whisper directly to the Soul of the beholder.

In this creative sharing we experience our Oneness. Through the medium of art we let down our defenses, let go of our differences, and we open our hearts and minds to Spirit. For this reason art is perhaps the most holistic form of communication known to man. A poem, a painting, or a song can say so much more than mere words – calling forth emotions, insights, true revelations. Art bypasses the limitations of language and creates a sacred space where we can commune together, and share a direct experience of Life, Truth, and Beauty.

So at this unique moment in human history, when the entire planet is poised on the brink of a new age, a new phase of evolution, art has precious and powerful gifts to offer our society and our world. Through the sacred medium of art we grow as artists and individuals, we give birth to our deeper, divine potential. And we cut across differences in belief and culture to come together in Spirit, in Joy.

So let us dance and play together! Let us sing and tell stories together! Let us listen and share with each other our creativity, our truth, our joy! Let us heal ourselves, each other, and our planet, with our music, our love, and our laughter. Let us each find and share our special part of the ongoing divine revelation!

It is in this spirit that this blog was started – to share my deepest thoughts and insights, as honestly and sincerely as I am able. I trust that which is true and meaningful to me, might be uplifting and inspiring to you as well, dear reader. This is the voice of Spirit in me – this is the sacred art of language.

Thanks for reading. Peace and love!

~ Ben


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